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The Society for Experiential Graphic Design will host a webinar featuring EGD research insights for healthcare campus and facility design. Metrics for Healthcare Environments will cover master planning, nomenclature, information design, and patient/user experience from leading design professionals.
The session will start out with an overview of the current state of the healthcare industry with a focus on how regulatory measurements have shifted to align healthcare design practice with the measurable effectiveness of facility performance and overall patient/user satisfaction. We will then discuss the design methodologies employed when planning comprehensive patient experiences in complex healthcare facilities and campuses. We will then shift to the scale of the user and look at the mechanisms that designers are using to create effective and holistic communication and interactive platforms for administrators, visitors, and users alike.

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Topics discussed will include:

  • State of healthcare transformation in the US
  • Impact of policy facility and patient experiences
  • Overview of existing facility campus analysis and auditing
  • Strategies for engaging clients and users in developing design strategies
  • Applying insights into realizable user experiences
  • Developing effective interactive experiences

Featured panelists:

  • Ellen Taylor, do;it (Pennsylvania)
  • Greg Nelson, Gensler (Los Angeles)
  • Leslie Wolke, Leslie Wolke Consulting (Austin)

To learn more please visit: Metrics for Healthcare Environments – LINK

RC Cars of Boston just moved into a new retail store conveniently located at 471 Eastern Avenue Malden, MA 02180. I was provided the unique task of developing and designing their identity including logo, stationery, advertising, outdoor signage, etc. All the deliverables included creative direction, copywriting, art direction and design.

They are a local hobby shop offering a full line of RC Cars, Parts and Accessories including: Traxxas, H.P.I, Arrma, LOSI, and Team Associated vehicles, aluminum parts, RPM parts, nitro fuel and all accessories. Stop by and take advantage of the TRAXXAS Power Up programs — and check out our Traxxas test drive facility, where you can test drive a Traxxas vehicle before you buy it.

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RC Cars of Boston – 471 Eastern Ave , Malden MA 02148  |  781.324.1999

To learn more please visit: RC Cars of Boston – LINK

Nearly 4 months into the new year and it has been very productive so I wanted to highlight a couple of interests. Just before the doors closed on 2012 I was fortunate to reengage with a local entrepreneur who opens businesses that many of us just dream about. Naturally anyone creative would want to be a part of his vision/s so I met with owner Ray Willis to discuss ideas surrounding his new business – RC Cars of Boston. We collaborated previously on his identity for Spadafora Choppers so RC Cars of Boston purposefully ties strongly to the Spadafora brand. Spadafora Choppers was a big success so I’m hoping as this new identity continues rolling out it will be matched with equal excitement and praise.

For the past few years I’ve also been working with a great organization named Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. It’s a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals coming together for a great cause. Colleagues I’ve worked with in the past recommended the opportunity which was a chance to give back and help those less fortunate. My charge was to help call to attention and promote an annual sock drive also supported by the Boston Red Sox. I designed a unique logo “One Size Fits All” which was applied to posters, direct mail and online. Additionally I’ve worked with BHCHP to design their marathon T-Shirts each year so it’s more than rewarding to produce creative that really makes a difference.

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There’s a number of other new pieces of creative to explore including some spec creative for Beth Israel Deaconess and Westchester Medical Center to name a couple.

To see those examples and more please visit: Michael Pratt Design – LINK

The Art Directors Club has today launched ADC Young Guns For Good to connect top-notch international creative talent with charitable causes to help bridge the gap between the quality of work these charities are doing, and the quality of creative representing them in marketing materials.

The inaugural project for ADC Young Guns For Good is a partnership with Google Creative Lab through which ADC Young Guns artists will design $1 million worth of advertising that will run in USA TODAY to benefit charities involved with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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Google Creative Lab in New York, recent winner of the USA TODAY 2012 Print Competition, has elected to donate the prize – $1 million in advertising media spend – to focus on charities benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief.

Empire State Relief Fund, Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and will each be paired up with one ADC Young Gun to develop and execute a full-page color ad in USA TODAY in April. ADC Young Guns will have the opportunity to express interest in participating in the program through March 22.

Art Directors Club – LINK

Cambridge Consultants has developed a bicycle that can be controlled with your smartphone mounted on the handlebars. The gears are wirelessly linked to a smartphone application that allows the bike to automatically change gears depending on incline and cadence. This bicycle could also be updated to include other smart technology like a GPS system and heart monitor.

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“The exciting part about smart technology is the unlimited possibilities to enhance a device and its applications,” commented Tim Ensor, business developer in the Wireless division at Cambridge Consultants. “This wireless bicycle is a great example of the many ways we can continue to upgrade technology. We could incorporate GPS and map data into the application to make gear changes in anticipation of upcoming hills, for example, or include a heart-rate monitor and other measurement tools to help improve training. But it’s not just about the bike – connected systems have the potential to give all kinds of traditional products a new lease of life.”

Bicycle of the future heralds smart-tech era – LINK

The Avant/Garde Diaries, a digital interview magazine which documents personal views on the avant-garde, has recently interviewed Dawn Goldworm, the Scent Director of the Paris and NYC-based olfactory branding company 12.29. The company produces delicate and strategic elixirs of scents and places them in new contexts, manipulating environmental experiences, conjuring memories, and eliciting behavioral associations.

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Dawn herself is actually synesthetic, which in her case means she sees colors when she thinks of letters, numbers, words, memories, and sounds, and associates colors and textures to smells. “If a brand associates with the color blue and the texture of silk, I can make the scent smell like the color blue and the texture of silk,” she says.

Dawn considers her ability a blessing. In “The Scent of Colours: An Artist’s Blessing” she discusses the concept of using a common element or sense to interpret another, and discusses how she applies her synesthesia to create olfactory experiences.

The Avant/Garde Diaries – LINK

Bruce T. Martin is an American fine art photographer who uses photography to document the world, explore perceptions, and question our viewpoints. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1977, he began working as a Historical Preservation photographer, using photography to help put endangered buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. His photographs are in a number of private and public collections and have been exhibited throughout the U.S. and Central America. Today, along with exhibiting his fine art photography projects, he is a leading architectural photographer, making photographs for the nation’s foremost architects, designers, and publications.

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His book, Look Close See Far, A Cultural Portrait Of The Maya , published by George Braziller, Inc., NYC, is a collection of images and ideas gathered while traveling throughout the Maya region of Central America. Since 1987, he has taken more than 10,000 photographs over a range of landscapes and attitudes in an attempt to make a distinctive portrait of this singular culture. These reveling images are of the Maya Indians and region of Central America, an area both beautiful and complex in its nature. It is a place where the delicate balance between society and the environment dominates life and challenges one’s view of reality. Look Close See Far, A Cultural Portrait Of The Maya blends a unique mosaic of visual details to create a fresh perspective on the Maya’s endangered worldview and disappearing legacy.

To see Bruce’s photography please click here.

Watch this video on how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. There’s a nod to technology Apple has helped proliferate, with interfaces that resemble those seen in easy-touch smartphones and tablet computers. There is also the ability to manipulate graphics projected off the screen with hand motions, as seen in the movie Minority Report. Such technology exists, but is still being developed for commercial use.

While the theme of the video is “productivity,” it’s tied to the underlying assumption that such hyper-connectivity and always-on features will drive the performance of knowledge workers to deliver even more value to their businesses.

It wasn’t until college when Jared started working for his college newspaper that he really got bitten by the bug. “I fell in love with photography and completely immersed myself in it. I was on the track to become a photojournalist and that is in fact what I did for a number a years. I thought I wanted to be Eugene Richards or Sebastão Salgado and tried my best to emulate them, but over the years I started developing my own voice and now my work looks and feels nothing like theirs.”

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Boston has a checkered history when it comes to racial issues. For a while I had wanted to do a project that looked not only at racial division but also socio-economic status. I was curious as to how Boston and it’s surrounds dealt with these issues. Mass Ave. is a street that I, like many Bostonians, frequent all the time, but rarely all at once. It wasn’t until I decided one day to drive Mass Ave. from it’s beginning at Edward Everett Square in Dorchester to it’s finish in lush Lexington that I realized this was a perfect vehicle, no pun intended, to begin to explore these issues.

To read more please click here.

To see more of Jared’s photography please click here.

Jason Grow is a Boston-based photographer who specializes in photographing really interesting people with real time constraints in real environments. With a background based in photojournalism his experience has ranged from refugee camps to conference rooms. Jason is available for photography assignments nationally and internationally.

A graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Journalism, Jason worked for seven years as a newspaper photographer for the San Jose Mercury News before turning freelance in 1996.

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His editorial clients include major national and international magazines: Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, Bloomberg Markets, Smart Money, Barron’s, AARP Bulletin, CRN, VAR Business, HHMI, New York Times Sophisticated Traveler, Smithsonian, Scientific American, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Sports Illustrated, Time Custom Publishing,  US News & World Report, Bicycling, Boston, CFO, CIO Insight, Rensselaer Magazine, Stanford Magazine among others.

Working alongside great design groups like Doerr Associates, VSA Partners, Mortar Agency, his corporate clients have included CA, FirstData, Matrix Partners, Putnam Investments, Sullivan & Worcester, FHO Partners, EA Fish, Chevron, Textronic, (Ask Jeeves), Imprivata, Sainsburys Plc. (UK), Redpoint Ventures, Microsoft, Chem Connect, Personic, Lucent among others.

Providing high-quality creative photography of athletes and active lifestyle for advertising and commercial clients worldwide.

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Jim Flynn has been a commercial photographer since 1993. He shoots advertising and corporate lifestyle photography for many different industries including medical, high tech, insurance and finance.

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His images have appeared in local, regional and national publications such as Time, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. His work has been featured in Communication Arts Photo Annual and Communication Arts Advertising Annual, Archive Magazine, Archive Photo Annual and Photo District News. Jim was a National Board Director of the American Society of Media Photographers for six years. He was elected to the Art Institute of Colorado Alumni Hall of Fame in 2002.

When the Boston agency, MMB wanted to create three new spots for their new Subway Fresh Fit campaign, they turned to Charlex for all the live-action, design and VFX work.

The first spot, That’s a Lot, opens with images of greasy burgers frying on a grill. It then switches to a series of seemingly innocent images: kiddie pools, birdbaths and water coolers. These items-typically filled with water-are instead filled with grease in order to visually illustrate how much grease fast food chains use in a single year. “The concept from the agency was to use strong and graphic images to get this message across, and they asked me to help visually portray the grease in ways that were impactful but not too off-putting,” commented Ryan Dunn, Charlex CD.

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“Once we had established the look and behavior of the grease as well as how it was going to be shot, I developed an editorial style that moves between wide and tight shots in order to break up the rhythm and ‘feel’ the vastness instead of just see it,” Dunn added. “I didn’t want to make it about anything except visualizing the statistic in a strong, simply manner. So the shots are all locked off, and any animation besides the opening hose pour was peripheral. A flock of birds in the sky, for instance, or a bubble gurgling through a water cooler filled with grease.” This approach really helped focus the impact of the spot as well as the density of the images that the team later composited together.

Boston Agency, MMB –

New York Design Studio, Charlex –


Opening event of the Levi’s® Print Workshop in Berlin. From July 7 until August 18, 2011 this community-based screen-printing space is facilitating creative production and collaboration.

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Located in Berlin’s central core, Mitte, and housed in a temporary venue in the city’s former mint ‘Alte Münze’ (Old Coin), the Levi’s® Print Workshop celebrates craftsmanship and the city’s vibrant creative community. The Workshop marks the global launch of the Brand’s ‘Go Forth’ marketing campaign and continues its longstanding commitment of craftsmanship, community, and social progress.

Webb Chappell is freelance commercial photographer in Boston for twenty years, shooting primarily for editorial, corporate and nonprofit clients.
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Webb’s specialties include environmental portraiture, but he also shoots everything from food to interiors, to landscape…

To view Webb’s work please visit the link below.

Photographing for leading publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Time, Life, and People, skilled photojournalist Porter Gifford creates beautiful images that are both heartwarming and exceptional. Whether it’s a beautifully captured color portrait or a candid moment between family members, Porter’s photographs will never disappoint.
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“I wanted to be a sports writer for my college newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, but the lengthy and notoriously difficult ordeal of “passing the comp” and becoming an “editor” at that illustrious institution held no appeal. I had heard that it was easier to get in the door as a photographer, and once in, one could switch to any department one liked. Now, that appealed to me.”

“It is now over twenty years later and the Sports Desk has yet to hear from me. Certainly, we are both the better for it.”

You can see some of his photographs here…

John Savone is a local New England photographer with over 20 years of experience. John has a local studio and is also available for any assignments that involve New England locations or to travel abroad.
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A presentation of New York in Motion, a one-hour documentary video featuring more than 50 of the most influential people in the field of motion graphics who have helped make New York a center for this industry.

The film, directed by Graham Elliott, is executive produced by the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department Chair Richard Wilde.

The event is free and open to the public.
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